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Pasco Pathways Feedback Survey - Action Required

Thank you for attending the Pasco Pathways Expo Events! Attendees had so many positive things to say about what they learned from the sessions they attended and the conversations they had with school representatives in the gym. We are asking that each school that attended complete this feedback survey to helps us plan for next year’s events.

Aspiring Leaders Registration – Share with teachers

We are excited to announce the opening of registration for LEAD, Pasco County Schools’ professional development program for aspiring leaders. LEAD is a 6- night program focused on maximizing leadership potential by enhancing skills, knowledge and experiences. It is open to both instructional and non-instructional aspiring leaders of all levels.

  • Access the LEAD flier here
  • Find out more detailed information and/ or register here
Coaching Conference: Invitation to Present - Share with coaches

We are offering the opportunity for coaches to support other coaches’ learning during the upcoming January 31st Coaching Conference.

Coaches can SHOWCASE the important work they are doing at your schools in two different ways, poster sessions or regular sessions.  Information was sent to coaches about both of these opportunities.    Encourage coaches in your building to share with other coaches during this last coaching conference of the year.  Let’s highlight and celebrate the hard work and dedication of so many in our schools!  An added incentive for coaches who present is they will be added to a drawing for a 75″ Interactive Panel Smartboard that will be raffled off at the conference.  A great tool for any school building!

Instructional Technology Update – Share with teachers & coaches

December’s newsletter provides relevant information on assessment utilizing technology tools that our readily accessible to many or all of our schools.  Specifically, this SMORE highlights tools that can support both formative and summative assessments and how those tools provide specific guidance in creation and use for assessing students effectively.  See what tech tools can best support both limited student devices and one to one classrooms.

December Science Newsletter – FYI

Linked below is the December Science Newsletter for middle school.  Please be aware of the science fair submission deadlines. Have a great end to the 1st semester and a wonderful holiday season.

Middle School:

Important Dates
12/10 – 12/14 Priority School Walkthroughs
12/10 – 12/21 Quarterly Check Window
12/13 Secondary Design Team Meeting
12/17 – 12/21 Semester One District Finals
12/18 Math Coaches PD
12/21 Secondary Science Fair Paperwork Due
12/21 Upload SAC Minutes for Semester 1
12/21 End of Quarter
On the Horizon
Upcoming: 12/22-1/6 – Winter Break, 1/7 Teacher Planning Day
Instruction at a Glance

Click the links below to access the Instruction at a Glance document for each content area.

Language Arts Courses

Mathematics Courses

Reading Courses

Science Courses

Social Studies Courses


Content Area myPGS Section # Date & Time Location Target Audience Focus/Learning Goal
World Languages 6-12 Section #13358 1/10/2019 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM District Office Portable 8A World Language Teachers To understand how to develop instruction that will improve students’ second language acquisition skills in reading, writing, and listening through comprehensible input.


Training Title Teachers who Attended Information/ Training Received What to Expect in the Classroom Questions to Ask
Classroom Management: Managing the Classroom Environment – Thursday 12/6/18 6-12 classroom teachers

Participants learned how executive functioning effects learning and identified strategies to support students.

Participants designed a layout of their classroom space and brainstormed strategies for more efficient transitions to maximize student learning.

Teachers identified and utilized effective techniques for managing groups of students (heterogenous, homogenous, random, student selected).

Strategies in place to help students that struggle with executive functioning skills.

Layout of classroom that maximizes space to limit transition time, enhances instructional flow, and maintains a safe environment.

Grouping of students heterogeneously, homogeneously, randomly, or by student selection depending on content and/or task.

What strategies have you implemented to assist your students who struggle with executive functioning?

As a result of your learning and collaboration with colleagues, what changes have you made to your classroom layout and/or transitions?

How are your students grouped for this activity? Why did you select that grouping?