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OLL Middle School Communication

Plan-It Learning Events- Action Needed

As we welcome hundreds of teachers to PD and planning over the next few weeks, we appreciate your support in emphasizing the need to be sure that teachers are signed in and registered with attendance marked in myPGS for their Plan-It learning events. This is how we will be automating payroll as opposed to the paper stipend sheets that can often take 6-8 weeks to process. We appreciate you including this important reminder in any communication you have with staff over the next few weeks. We also greatly appreciate all of the retreat schools who are paying close attention to this adjustment. 

Blended Learning Application - Action Needed

The blended learning application deadline for the 19-20 school year has been extended from June 3rd to June 13th. Please complete this application if you will be offering a high school course next year that you would like to be reviewed for designation as meeting the online requirement for high school graduation.  Blended courses are delivered in the traditional school setting by personnel providing direct instruction through blended learning courses consisting of both traditional classroom and online instructional techniques pursuant to s. 1003.498.

For courses that were approved for the 18-19 school year, applications will need to be resubmitted for approval for the 19-20 school year but all fields are not required. Digital Information Technology, SOS and PCSD courses are the only district wide approved high school blended courses.  For all other courses an application must be filled out by the respective teacher for their course(s).  If you have any questions, contact Anthony Tretolo or Tonia Shook.

Earning Credit Points in MyPGS for July Priority Professional Development - Action Needed

We know schools are engaging in awesome professional development this summer!  These professional development opportunities may include district support or facilitated by schools.  In either case, we want to provide you important information in supporting your staffs with credit points for their time and engagement in these opportunities.  The following link leads to Training Request Form for Schools.  Please fill this form out with the appropriate information for the PD that you are offering your staff and identify in the title that this is priority PD.  You will need to fill out one form for each day of PD offered.  Once you have filled out the information, please send the request form to Jenny Rinck at for approval.  Upon approval, OLL will enter the information in MyPGS and let you know the appropriate information for your staff to sign up.  

New Teacher Guide - Action Needed

We are sharing this New Teacher Guide to assist in schools when hiring new teachers.  Topics included consist of:  New Teacher Induction Registration Flyer, Monitoring of new teacher onboarding process, and distribution of technology.  The action required is at each school site when hiring new teachers.

Leadership Celebration- Follow Up

Thank you all for spending time together on Monday celebrating our year together and reflecting on the incredible work that you all have been up to this year as well as over the past years through the lends of Dr. Monica Verra-Tirado. Her presentation was data rich and had some charts that were hard to decipher from a distance, but that do tell a very compelling story and should leave us all feeling proud of the progress that has been made as well as motivated and inspired to seize the opportunities ahead. A huge shout out to the awesome RRMS/HS teams for their grace in serving as our host site and supporting all of our requests, we greatly appreciate you all. Thanks also to our colleagues across levels and departments who are leading CLASS, we appreciate your efforts very much.

OLL Staffing Updates- FYI
  • Jennifer Waselewski will be transitioning into an Assistant Principal position at Wesley Chapel High School effective July 1st. For the time being, please contact Lea Mitchell for any OLL needs related to curriculum and instruction. 
  • Odalis Tavares will be transitioning into Sr. Instructional Specialist- Secondary Math position and will be spending her time focused on high school courses, progressions and math instructional practices. Odalis will be partnering with Ben Aguilar and Tracy Miller to create strengthened alignment throughout our K-12 mathematics program. 
  • Leah Zufall will be heading out on maternity leave in coming weeks. She has worked diligently to designate leads and contacts for the upcoming summer and early fall work and she will be connecting with you soon for additional details. In her absence, please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or Samantha DelValle related to school support needs, coaching processes or instructional tech projects. 
Instructional Materials Updates-FYI
  • Monies for New Materials (K-8 math, World History, Theater/Acting, HS-Algebra Nation) have been pushed to your cost center and are ready to be moved through the MUNIS workflow. Dollar amounts were based on templates returned to OLL and we were able to fully fund these requests. The only exception is for middle school math where additional material were ordered to account for 6th advanced and 7th advanced courses. The last version of your schools “template” that was submitted to Joel Ortiz was used to with finance to send the money your way. Each shipping invoice will reflect that materials cannot arrive before July 1st (based on budgeting cycles) but we have confirmation from all vendors that new materials will arrive in advance of teacher’s returns.
  • School-Based Text Book/Instructional Materials Allocations- Reminder that school based funds will be pushed to cost centers the last week of June. If you have requests above and beyond what is allocated, please be sure to submit a request so that we are able to review prior to pushing funds to your school. Here is the link for Annual School Based Instructional Materials Allocation Process.docx We are hoping to make things as easy as possible come ordering time so if you know your needs up front, let us know so that we can assist at the same time as we are pushing out your ADM based dollars.
  • Materials Approval Process- For your convenience and easy access here is the link to the Materials Approval Process (including digital resources). The goal of this document is to make ordering easy by not having to continually seek approval on the most common and vetted tools. If you are interested in adding tools and/or materials on the pre-approved list, the steps are included in this document.
Culturally Relevant Teaching Training – FYI

For those interested, there are seats still available for anyone that would like to attend the Culturally Relevant Teaching training next week at Charles S. Rushe Middle School. This is a two day training and  participants will need to register for day 1 and day 2 for either session A OR session B. Spots are filling up so I would suggest registering asap. Please contact Kristin Ingold with any questions.

Date of Event

Training Title

Course Number

Section Number(s)

Contact Person / Instructor

6/10 – 6/11 (Session A)

 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM




6/12 – 6/13 (Session B)

 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Culturally Relevant Teaching – Transforming Educators


6/10 14059 -Session A, Day 1


6/11 14405 – Session A, Day 2




6/12 14060 – Session B, Day 1


6/13 14404 – Session B, Day 2

Jennifer Rinck Kristin Ingold

Molly Blair


End of the Year Teacher Newsletters- FYI

Below are links to the End of the Year teacher Newsletters that have been shared with your teachers:

World Languages

Secondary Reading

Secondary ELA

Social Studies