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OLL Middle School Communication

Instructional Materials Recycling Request- Summer 2019: Action Needed

We are once again reaching out to aid in the removal of out of date, out of adoption, obsolete and other materials not used or further supported in your schools. 

Please work with your plant manager to complete the “Recycling Request” by 05/28/19 and to determine the process for removal that best meets the current needs of your school.  We realize that some schools are in desperate need of removal and others may not be able to prioritize this project right now-either of those and everything in between can be supported with this work. 

Note: Please feel free to reach out to the Office for Leading and Learning to inquire about any materials in question. They are up to date on current adoption cycles as well as primary and supplementary materials.

Phone: 813-794-2027 

Email group:  

Recycle Request:  

ESY Student Names – Action Needed

Please be sure to input all projected ESY student names into myStudent by May 10, 2019.  This information is time sensitive as  transportation must begin to plan their summer routes.  Please contact Tonia Shook with any questions.

 set-up in myStudent for Summer / ESY

School-Based PLC courses - Action Needed

The completion date for the School-Based PLC courses for this year is today, April 26th.  You are now able to process attendance and points in myPGS for your teachers following the directions below.  Please strive to have this completed by Friday, May 17th as many teachers are waiting on these points for recertification.

Instructions for marking attendance & points

Advancing Leaders Academy 2019-2020 – FYI

Advancing Leaders Academy provides aspiring school and district leaders with professional learning and personalize growth opportunities related to Leadership Excellence.

Do you have interest in the following:

  • Aligning yourself with Pasco County Schools’ Vision of Leadership Excellence
  • Polishing and refining your personal leadership skills
  • Discovering the interconnectedness of our district
  • Networking and building relationships with leaders from across our county

If so, Advancing Leaders Academyis for you!

Participants will engage in seven full-day sessions:

Session 1:  Developing a Strong Core and Growth Mindset

Session 2:  Leading and Learning Together

Session 3:  Shaping a Vision of Excellence

Session 4:  Systems Thinking (Focus on Schools)

Session 5:  Systems Thinking (Focus on District Departments)

Session 6:  Managing and Leading

Session 7: Cultivating Leadership in Everyone


Hear from our 2018-2019 Advancing Leader Academy Graduates!

Apply Today!  The application is open from 4/25/19 to 5/12/19.

Contact Vaughnette Chandler, Coordinator for Leadership Development at vchandle@pasco.k12.fl.usor 813-794-2710 for more information.

Important Dates
May 6 – 17 AP Exam Window
May 6 – 10
Teacher Appreciation Week
May 10 ESY Allocations worksheets and rosters due
MAy 20-29
District Finals Window
May 20 Kindergarten Registration
May 28 FLPBIS Walkthroughs completed
May 24
Distribute End of Year Transportation Letter informing parents of the assigned bus stop for the upcoming school year
May 22 – 29 Return of audiology equipment

Teacher Newsletters

Instruction at a Glance

Click the links below to access the Instruction at a Glance document for each content area.

Language Arts Courses

Mathematics Courses

Reading Courses

Science Courses

Social Studies Courses