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OLL High School Communication

Medal of Honor National Convention Letter Writing Campaign – Action Needed

As shared in the March and April SMORE newsletter communications, the Medal of Honor National Convention will be hosted in Tampa next Fall and we would love each Medal of Honor recipient to be welcomed with letters written by our students.  Please find here directions for a letter writing campaign that your teachers received in March and April.  The original date that was shared to submit student letters to Tina Stavrou   was by May 1st 2019, but we understand that this activity may work better during the month of May with testing and activity schedules and would be able to accept packages through May 31st.  We would love to have every school represented in welcoming these honorable Veterans, and thank the schools who have already submitted their letters to us.

ESY Student Letters - Action Needed

It is time to identify students who are in need of ESY and send home the letters with a return due date of no later than May 10th.  Here you can find the information you need for Summer ESY Setup in myStudent.

As a reminder, the ESY Guidelines for 2019 are in draft form and can be found here. They will be submitted for Board approval on May 7, 2019. The signed MOU can also be accessed in this folder.

Please contact Jennifer Waselewski or Tonia Shook with questions.

Priority Professional Development Days - REMINDER- Action Needed by May 1st

We are so excited to see the amazing plans and ideas for Priority School PD days rolling in, thanks to those who have submitted. Below is a reminder of the timeline for submitting needs as well as the support documents previously provided.  

If you do not intend to use any days during July 8-18th for priority PD, please indicate by emailing Leah Zufall at so a machform is not expected.  

Instructional Materials Recycling Request- Summer 2019: Action Needed

We are once again reaching out to aid in the removal of out of date, out of adoption, obsolete and other materials not used or further supported in your schools. 

Please work with you plant manager to complete the “Recycling Request” and to determine the process for removal that best meets the current needs of your school.  We realize that some schools are in desperate need of removal and others may not be able to prioritize this project right now-either of those and everything in between can be supported with this work. 

Note: Please feel free to reach out to the Office for Leading and Learning to inquire about any materials in question. They are up to date on current adoption cycles as well as primary and supplementary materials.

Phone: 813-794-2027 

Email group:  

Recycle Request:  

Dual Enrollment 19-20 Course Approval - Action Needed

Schools need to complete the DE Course Approval Form to get official approval from PHSC to offer DE courses for the 19-20 school year. Below are the rolling deadlines established for our district to turn in the forms and be notified of approval/denial. Schools need to have the form turned into Samantha Del Valle 24 hours prior to the deadline in order to be considered in the window.

  • June 15th Final Pasco deadline – notified by PHSC on July 15th

Due to the PHSC accreditation guidelines, the maximum number of credits that can be offered in a 4-year period is 29 credits to ensure that a student can earn only 49% of the AA degree on the high school campus. Please review this document to see how many credits your school has offered over the last 3 years to determine your available number of credits.  If you have any questions, please contact Samantha Del Valle or Tonia Shook.

Assistant Principal Candidate - Application Open – FYI

We are excited to announce that the process to become an Approved Assistant Principal Candidate is now open. Applicants must be approved as candidates in Pasco County Schools to be considered for assistant principal vacancies.   

To learn more about our Internal Candidate Selection Process, visit the following link

The application window will be from Wednesday, April 17, 2019th to Wednesday, April 24th, 2019.  All required documentation must be submitted before the job ad closes to be considered during the application window.   

Advancing Leaders Academy 2019-2020 – FYI

Advancing Leaders Academy provides aspiring school and district leaders with professional learning and personalize growth opportunities related to Leadership Excellence.

Do you have interest in the following:

  • Aligning yourself with Pasco County Schools’ Vision of Leadership Excellence
  • Polishing and refining your personal leadership skills
  • Discovering the interconnectedness of our district
  • Networking and building relationships with leaders from across our county

If so, Advancing Leaders Academyis for you!

Participants will engage in seven full-day sessions:

Session 1:  Developing a Strong Core and Growth Mindset

Session 2:  Leading and Learning Together

Session 3:  Shaping a Vision of Excellence

Session 4:  Systems Thinking (Focus on Schools)

Session 5:  Systems Thinking (Focus on District Departments)

Session 6:  Managing and Leading

Session 7: Cultivating Leadership in Everyone


Hear from our 2018-2019 Advancing Leader Academy Graduates!

Apply Today!  The application is open from 4/25/19 to 5/5/19.

Contact Vaughnette Chandler, Coordinator for Leadership Development at vchandle@pasco.k12.fl.usor 813-794-2710 for more information.

Important Dates
April 24 Secondary Principal Meeting
April 24 Progress Reports: Grades entered in myStudent by 9:00 a.m.
April 25 Secondary Design Team Meeting
April 25 Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
April 26 Progress Reports
April 30 High School Athletic Directors Meeting
April 30 – May 24 VPK Assessments – AP3 (4 Year Olds ONLY) Administration Window
May 1 – 14
FSA 4 – 6 Reading, 3 – 6 Math, 5 & 8 Science (see Daily Admin Schedule for specific dates) Administration Window
May 1 – 14
FSA 7 – 10 Reading, 7 – 8 Math (see Daily Admin Schedule for specific dates) Administration Window
May 2
Summer Computer Lease Window Closes (9:00 AM) for 19 – 20 Start of School Computers
May 4
TEDx Pasco County Schools (Grades 4 – 12) Event
May 6-10
Teacher Appreciation Week
May 6-17
AP Exam Window

Teacher Newsletters

Instruction at a Glance

Click the links below to access the Instruction at a Glance document for each content area.

Language Arts Courses

Mathematics Courses

Reading Courses

Science Courses

Social Studies Courses