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AP Course Audits - Action Required

AP Course Audits need to be completed by January 31, 2019. Previously authorized courses need to be renewed and teachers of new, revised, or updated courses must submit a syllabus and course audit form, regardless of prior authorization. This information was also sent to AP Coordinators last week for their reference as well. If you have questions on how to access the AP course audit page or what specifically needs to be completed, please contact Kristin Ingold.

TEDxPascoCountySchools Information- Action Required

The Office for Leading and Learning is hosting the fifth annual TEDx Pasco County Schools Event on Saturday, May 4, 2019 at the Center for the Arts at River Ridge.  Like last year, the opportunity will be open for students in grades 4 – 12 and the theme will align with the National History Day’s theme of “Triumph and Tragedy“. 

TEDx is a forum for student voices to be heard by an authentic audience. This is a showcase of student speeches and not a contest, thus awards will not be given. All students will be recognized for participating in this district-wide event. Please identify one person in your building to serve as your TEDx contact representative via this form so that more detailed communication about the information session can be shared directly with them.  

Each school should host a local TEDx event in order to choose one student to represent the school at the district-wide event. The student representing each school needs to be identified and submitted to OLL via this form by Friday, April 5, 2019. Instructional resources for TEDx can be accessed here, including rubrics, district event information, sample videos of prior talks, and the speaker release form.  If you would like support in planning or hosting your school-based TEDx Event, please contact Rachel Hatten,  Courtney LoughDanielle VarcardiponeEvette StriblenCassie HernandezEmily WhiteDaniela Bruno, or Tressa Lima

IRLA Levels Accuracy - Action Required

Our second IRLA Levels Accuracy window will be from January 21-February 1. Please complete and share the attached Levels Accuracy Reflection Document at the end of the window, to help us plan for additional support.  Please contact Evette Striblen if you have any questions.

Instructional Technology Smore - Share with teachers

Welcome to this installment of our monthly Instructional Technology SMOREs that support teachers and students. In this issue, teachers and staff will find information on the Microsoft Excel program. Possibly the most under-utilized program in the Office Suite for Education, Excel can be of great benefit for teachers in performing calculations and analysis on student performance data. This SMORE details how to export data from myStudent, and import it into Excel. Once imported, data can be manipulated and visualized to assist with instructional planning. If teachers need more information, there is a link at the end for them to request additional support.

All County Band Week – Share with teachers

Next week is All County Band Week. Teachers that have students participating in All County Band will be provided sub coding for January 25th for rehearsal at RRHS.  There will also be training in the afternoon a 1 p.m. and Band teachers who do not have students in All County Band are highly encouraged to attend. There will be sub coding provided for these teachers as well. The All County Band concert is at 2:00pm at River Ridge on Saturday, January 26th.

January Coaching Conference - By Coaches, For Coaches - Discuss with coaches

The next and final coaching conference of the year will take place on January 31st from 8:00am-3:30pm.  We are pleased to offer many sessions facilitated by instructional coaches and district staff.  Poster sessions are a new addition at this conference whereby instructional coaches can share in short 15 minute presentations on a topic of their choosing.  These poster sessions are in addition to the regular 1-2 hour sessions normally offered.  Please find the session descriptions below.  

January Coaching Conference Sessions.pdf(Topics shaded in green = REGULAR SESSIONS, Topics shaded in orange = POSTER SESSIONS).  Sign ups for sessions open this week for coaches to build their schedule for the day.  

*We highly recommend that you have discussions with your coaches about what to attend based on individual coach needs and current/future school success plans and goals.

Celebrate Literacy Week 2019 : Share with teachers

Celebrate Literacy Week is January 28-Feburay 1, 2019. The theme is Spreading Literacy, One View at a Time. With this theme in mind, we are encouraging all schools to participate in the Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! and encourage students to help spread the love of reading and the importance of literacy.  Below you will find activities recommended by @PascoLiteracy.

Use #PascoCelebratesLiteracy and #PascoLiteracy to share the awesome things you are doing in your building.

Monday, January 28

Mentor Text Monday: Read Aloud from your favorite text to kids. Have kids bring and share their favorite book from childhood.

Tuesday, January 29

Tweet out Tuesday: Tweet pictures of what reading looks like at your school.

Wednesday, January 30

Wear your words Wednesday: Wear a shirt with words (school appropriate words) on it

Thursday, January 31

Poem in Your Pocket day: Carry your favorite poem in your pocket to share-don’t forget to ask others to share with you!

Friday, February 1

Find Yourself in a Book Friday: Take a shelfie with your favorite books.

Cohort 2 of the WIPRO Science Educator Fellowship : Share with teachers

Applications are open for Cohort 2 of the WIPRO Science Educator Fellowship

The TB Wipro SEF program is designed to foster teaching and leadership skills in those who have a minimum of three years of teaching experience and are committed to staying in the classroom within their school district for the next two years. Applicants do not need to have prior leadership experience. While many teachers may find these skills to be helpful for other avenues of leadership in the district, this program is not designed to facilitate the transition of a classroom teacher to becoming a school-based or district-based leader, such as a principal or superintendent. Up to twenty teachers from grades K-12 representing areas of biology, chemistry, physics, and earth/environmental science will be selected to be a Fellow for two years beginning in August 1, 2019. This is a partnership between USF and Pasco, Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties. Our first Cohort is completing their first round of learning presentations on January 26, 2019. The cross county design of the project has sparked numerous meaningful conversations.

Application and Information

Topic: Wipro Recruitment Information Webinar

Time: Jan 28, 2019 7:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

State EOC and Seniors – Reminder- FYI

This is a reminder to utilize this letter to notify parents/guardians of seniors enrolled in Biology, Geometry and/or U.S. History of their graduation status if you have not already. Along with the letter please provide parents with the FLDOE graduation requirements flyer.  You may use these talking points that were developed last year to assist with any questions that may arise. Please remember to develop a system for how you will notify students of their graduation status once the scores are received. If you have any questions, please contact Samantha Del Valle.

Important Dates
Jan 8-18  Elementary School Choice/ Magnet application window
Jan 8-18 Elementary Winter Writing Benchmark Informative/Explanatory Writing
Jan 8-18 Training for Access for ELLs assessment
Jan 14 – Feb. 1 State Assessment Coordinator Training
Jan.14-28 IRLA Levels Accuracy Window 2
Jan 22 Elementary Principal Meeting
Jan 23 Secondary Principal Meeting
Jan 25
Teacher Evaluations for New Teachers to Pasco due (Mid-year)
Jan 26
All County Band Concert- RRHS
Jan 30
District Vision and Success Committee
Jan 31
Last day to submit AP course syllabi
February 2
Secondary Science and Engineering Fair
February 4-15
District Walkthroughs

Instruction at a Glance

Click the links below to access the Instruction at a Glance document for each content area.

Language Arts Courses

Mathematics Courses

Reading Courses

Science Courses

Social Studies Courses

Teacher Newsletters

Below are the teacher newsletters:

Language Arts




Social Studies

World Languages



Content Area myPGS Section # Date & Time Location Target Audience Focus/Learning Goal
New Teacher #13777 or #13778


or 01/24/19



Bldg. 2 District Office Complex

Secondary New Teachers Year 1 Behavior De-escalation Strategies and Content Support
New Teacher #13781 or #13782


or 01/24/19



Bldg. 2 District Office Complex

Secondary New Teachers Year 2 Analyzing Student Work and Content Support
Science #13452



CSRMS Biology Teachers Biology Unit I
Social Studies #13832




Bldg. 2 District Office Complex

All Economics Teachers
Teachers will engage in the PLC process with course-like peers to make sense of standards for upcoming units and plan for instruction using the Instructional Practice Guide (IPG)for History/Social Sciences. The USF Stavros Center will be joining us to help intentionally plan for upcoming units using Semester 1 data from our quarterly checks and district finals.


Social Studies #10914



Mangrove Bldg. 2 District Office Complex One World, U.S. History Teacher from each school  Teachers will collaborate for sessions designed to strengthen their understanding of the Pearson Core Resource and to plan high-impact instruction with students’ need in mind.

Classroom Management

Expectations, Rules & Procedures




Palm Bldg. 2 District Office Complex All Secondary Teachers Participants will work collaboratively to design classroom management systems that incorporate Expectations, Rules and Procedures that are aligned with and appropriate for the needs of their students & school.  Participants will know & understand the concepts of expectations, rules & procedures and how they interact, know & understand how a system of expectations, rules & procedures promotes a positive learning environment, and be able to develop, teach and reinforce specific expectations, rules and procedures in their classroom(s).