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Topics addressed: 

SAC Member for feedback- Action Required

Please complete this Mach Form to send the name and e-mail of a SAC member for your school who would provide us feedback about the instructional materials under consideration by December 12, 2018.

Computer Science Week – Share with teachers

It is computer Science week and if you know of teachers that are looking for a coding resource,  this is a Symbaloo of collected coding resources. Teachers can find something content specific here.

If there is a specific content area of standards teachers would like help with, please contact  Bobbi Starling.

For example:

Science teachers may want to code an ecological pyramid

Or have students design a physics game

Math Teachers may want to explore geometry with design makers

Social Studies Teachers can have students create interactive maps like this project on governments of the world.

ELA Teachers may have students create a choose your own adventure app like this one (Space Kittens) .

Please share with those you feel may be interested.

Coaching Conference: Invitation to Present : Share with Coaches

Coaching Conference:  Invitation to Present 

We are offering the opportunity for coaches to support other coaches’ learning during the upcoming January 31st Coaching Conference.

Coaches can SHOWCASE the important work they are doing at your schools in two different ways.  Please read about these opportunities below.  Encourage coaches in your building to share with other coaches during this last coaching conference of the year.  Let’s highlight and celebrate the hard work and dedication of so many in our schools!  

Coaching Poster Sessions

These collaborative and interactive discussions are ways for coaches to share and learn from each other.  Each session is 15 minutes allowing coaches to share knowledge around a topic, project, and/or implementation of learning, in a short amount of time, that they have engaged in at their school.  These informal discussions provide opportunities for coaches to learn from each other and take new ideas back to their own schools.  

These poster sessions will be embedded within the day of learning at our January 31st Coaching Conference.  They are meant to be short, quick, informal yet informative sessions to give coaches many possibilities for work at their own schools.  

Characteristics of Sessions

-15 minutes

-Includes some visual (poster, computer screen (laptop))

-Possible handouts (document, card) *not required

-Your expertise, knowledge, and voice

Regular Conference Sessions (1 or 2 hour time slots)

Many coaches shared their knowledge around topics during the last Coaching conference and it was well-received.  We want to extend an invitation to any coach who would want to share around a topic during a regular conference session.  This is a great leadership opportunity to share knowledge, practice presentation skills, and interact with other coaches.  These sessions can occur for one hour or two hours and may be repeated depending on need or desire.

If you are interested in either one of these leadership opportunities to promote your school and share the work you are passionate about, please enter your information here as prompted.

I will be following up with any other information to those who sign up closer to the event.

Thanks for all you do and taking the step to share with others!  

Solution Tree's Taking Action Playlist- FYI

Our friends at Solution Tree have created a playlist in your school’s Global PD suite that includes key videos and information to support your important systems work. Please see the attached flyer with a quick summary of the videos and resources and then head to: and log into your global PD account where the playlist has already been loaded for you.  

SLT and PLC differentiated support modules: FYI

We have developed some resources for your SLT and PLC teams that we are hoping support you in the work at your school site. Each of these packages is intended to be a differentiated and scaffolded support your team.  Please feel free to reach out to your MTSS specialist as they are happy to further support the implementation and development of your teams at your school site. You can find the SLT Modules here and the PLC support Modules here. We are hopeful that these packages are responsive to your feedback for job-embedded and differentiated supports for your teams. Please feel free to share any thoughts or feedback you have about these supports.

Important Dates
 12/6 & 12/7 Elementary Principal Meeting – Gallup Session
12/8 Time and Effort A-87 certifications for November due
 12/10 – 12/14 Priority School Walkthroughs
 12/10 – 12/21 Quarterly Check Window
12/11 AP Meeting
12/13 Secondary Design Team Meeting
12/17-12/21 Semester One District Finals
12/18 Math Coaches PD
12/21 Secondary Science Fair Paperwork due
12/21 Upload SAC Minutes for Semester 1
12/21 End of Quarter
On the Horizon
Upcoming: 12/21 – End of Quarter, 12/22-1/6 – Winter Break

Instruction at a Glance

Click each grade level below to access content for ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies.


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade


Content Area myPGS Section # Date & Time Location Target Audience Focus/Learning Goal
 Science Kindergarten-13447  Grade 1- 13446  Grade 4- 13445  Grade 5-13444 Virtual  Virtual Elementary Teachers  To experience model science lessons as learners with a de-brief on the lesson structure, strategies and teacher/student moves for an upcoming unit. There are opportunities to collaborate on unit planning, student engagement strategies and activities to engage students in the Science and Engineering Practices as well as the 5e model. Teachers will leave with activities and strategies they can use in an upcoming unit.


Training Title Teachers who Attended Information/ Training Received What to Expect in the Classroom Questions to Ask

Classroom Management: Understanding and Managing Behavior – Thursday, November 29, 2018


K-12 classroom teachers

Participants will work collaboratively in exploring key variables that impact student behavior.

Participants will understand and apply basic behavior principles to improve student behavior in class.

Participants will develop and be able to implement a classroom reinforcement system to improve student behavior in class.

A class-wide positive reinforcement system in place.

An effective management system in the classroom to

redirect students as soon as they exhibit challenging behaviors.

What incentives are you utilizing in your positive reinforcement system?

What behaviors are you hoping to increase as a result?

What are your strategies to quickly manage challenging behaviors to de-escalate the situation and avoid power struggles?

DBQ Project Mix It Up – Elementary Grade 3-5 Teachers; instructional coaches  Modeling Document Based Questions and using DBQS to access SS content and standards.

Participants will understand how to use the DBQ Project materials and how to embed the use of primary and secondary sources for text analysis.

Participants will be able to use the DBQ Project Method for student opportunities to practice writing for both formative and summative purposes and allow for collaborative structures to engage in digging into content text to support their thinking.

Which DBQ do plan to implement in the next month?

What document analysis strategies are you modeling with your students?

How do you plan to bucket your documents?