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OLL Elementary School Communication

Summer Reading Camp Updates and Reminders - Action Needed

Can you believe we are embarking on our 4th week of Summer Reading Camp? We are so excited to see all the great pictures and video clips of your expert marine biologists researching and building knowledge as they work on their projects and grow as readers. Please Tweet out pictures and videos of your engaged learners with the hashtag:  #PascoSummerExplorers.

  • Progress Reports went home last week and should go home on the last day of Summer Reading Camp. You will want to file a copy in the student’s cumulative folder at the end of the program.
  • SAT 10 will be held on July 17th with a make-up day on July 18th. Please remember to notify parents, in writing, when their child will be taking the SAT 10.  A parent letter can be found in the ESY Guidelines on pg. 30.   Any student being promoted to 4th grade via a good cause exemption will not  take the SAT 10.  Please remember, students with Oral Presentation on their IEP/504 may have directions repeated and clarified, but may not have test items or passages read aloud on Reading Comprehension.  Please refer to the allowable SAT 10 accommodation documents from Pearson to verify.
  • Please make sure SchoolPace is up to date with points and evidence as we progress, so we can ensure we have accurate growth data from this summer.
Promotion to 4th Grade Documentation - Action Needed

All Promotion to 4th Grade documentation, including portfolios, will need to be submitted by August 9th.  Please continue to submit the Appendices and evidence of exemption as you complete documentation.

Fall Coaching Conference – Action Needed

As you all are in the midst of preparing for the 2019-20 school year and hopefully have some scheduled time for vacation or a staycation too, we wanted to take the opportunity to share that the first Coaching Conference is scheduled for August 29, 2019 at the District Complex.  It is a little earlier than last year, so we wanted you have an overview of the content that will be the Coaching Conference focus of the year and give you the time to encourage a coach at your site to host a session or poster session.  As we finalize sessions, we will share the specifics so that you will have time to connect with the coaches at your site about potential topics and sessions that might be prioritized.   Please see the coaching focus for the year bolded below, and if you have a coach that might thrive in experiencing leadership through hosting a poster session or content session, feel free to cut and paste the message in green below while encouraging them to sign-up.  Thank you for your time and consideration.  If you have any questions please reach out to Cassie Hernandez.

We are eager to provide sessions at the Fall Coaching Conference highlighting content that will support coaches in:

  1. Coaching a system of tiered supports
  2. Increasing student engagement
  3. Building and sustaining the coaching role
  4. Improving culture

Please consider hosting a Poster Session or facilitating a 1 or 2 hour Conference Session that is connected to the highlights above or that you are just simply passionate about!  If you are interested in either one of the leadership opportunities to build capacity of coaches within Pasco County and share the work you are passionate about, please enter your information in the proposal form here.

Thank you for your endless support of making Pasco County Schools the best and your consideration in taking the step to share with others.

“Where other methods of professional development fail to engender change, coaching supports teachers in putting knowledge into practice.” –Coaching for Significant and Sustained

Session Descriptions

Coaching Poster Sessions

These collaborative and interactive discussions are ways for coaches to share and learn from each other.  Each session is 15 minutes allowing coaches to share knowledge around a topic, project, and/or implementation of learning, in a short amount of time, that they have engaged in at their school.  These informal discussions provide opportunities for coaches to learn from each other and take new ideas back to their own schools.  These poster sessions will be embedded within the day of learning at our August 29th  Coaching Conference.  They are meant to be short, quick, informal yet informative sessions to give coaches many possibilities for work at their own schools.  

Characteristics of Sessions

-15 minutes

-Includes some visual (poster, computer screen (laptop))

-Possible handouts (document, card) *not required

-Your expertise, knowledge, and voice

Regular Conference Sessions (1 or 2 hour time slots)

Many coaches shared their knowledge around topics during the last Coaching conference and it was well-received.  We want to extend an invitation to any coach who would want to share around a topic during a regular conference session.  This is a great leadership opportunity to share knowledge, practice presentation skills, and interact with other coaches.  These sessions can occur for one hour or two hours and may be repeated depending on need or desire.

New Teacher Guide - Action Needed

We are sharing this New Teacher Guide to assist in schools when hiring new teachers.  Topics included consist of:  New Teacher Induction Registration Flyer, Monitoring of new teacher onboarding process, and distribution of technology.  The action required is at each school site when hiring new teachers.

Science Digital Resource list/information – FYI

The Science Department recently completed a review of a variety of digital K-12 Science products to ensure that our recommended digital resource list included the most up to date information on available products. We evaluated the platforms based on students opportunity to work at the appropriate grade level with clear alignment to the Florida Science Standards, the variety of practice opportunities/items and the possibility to fill gaps in background information. The three digital resources that we are recommending align with our vision of instruction, intervention and the role of formative assessment. Additionally, the products identified provide the needed level of interactive reporting, personalization and cost effectiveness. Each resource is designed with students at the forefront of functionality and engagement. These tools are recommended for use only as an extension of our current science curriculum resources and as a supplement to support Tier 2 and 3 instruction. These resources are not intended to be used solely homework, test preparation or in insolation from current classroom instruction.


Digital Resource/Tool

Standard level Progress Monitoring & Intervention

IXL (2-8th)

Acceleration, Intervention &


Legends of Learning (3rd-8th)

Supplemental Instructional


Gizmos (3-12), Science4Us (K-2)



Instructional Materials Updates – FYI

New Materials (K-8 math, World History, Theater/Acting, HS-Algebra Nation) Requests have been pushed through the MUNIS workflow and have been ordered. Each shipping invoice will reflect that materials cannot arrive before July 1st (based on budgeting cycles) but we have confirmation from all vendors that new materials will arrive in advance of teacher’s returns.

School-Based Text Book/Instructional Materials Allocations- Reminder that school based funds have been pushed to cost centers as of June 24th. Here is the link for Annual School Based Instructional Materials Allocation Process.docx showing what you should have received.  These funds should be used to purchase consumable materials for previously adopted materials, teacher materials for new allocations and replacement materials for those that have been lost or damaged.  These materials can be ordered through the Florida Textbook Depository (if available) or the vendor.

Additional Materials – If you have requests above and beyond what is allocated to your school,  please be sure to submit a request  so that we are able to review and push those additional funds to your school.  Thank you to those who have already submitted requests.  We have received those requests and will reach out to schools if more information is needed.

Materials Approval Process- For your convenience and easy access here is the link to the Materials Approval Process (including digital resources). The goal of this document is to make ordering easy by not having to continually seek approval on the most common and vetted tools. If you are interested in adding tools and/or materials on the pre-approved list, the steps are included in this document.

Together We Lead – FYI

Together We Lead registration is now open!

July 22nd, 23rd and 24th at Charles S. Rushe Middle School

New Resources to Support Phonemic Awareness– FYI

Be on the lookout for two resources to support phonemic awareness instruction and remediation in your building. You will be receiving one copy of the following two resources:

  • Heggerty Phonemic Awareness: The Skills That They Need to Help Them Succeed! Kindergarten Curriculum (blue book)
  • Heggerty Phonemic Awareness: The Skills That They Need to Help Them Succeed! Primary Curriculum (yellow book)
Early Release and Social Emotional Learning Update- FYI

We are excited to implement Early Release for professional learning in 19-20 school year. Below is some information for the upcoming Early Release and SEL work. 

  • Focus for Early Release- Social Emotional Learning
  • Early Release Frequently Asked Questions
  • Overview and draft of session objectives and topics for each Early Release session- Available in Admin Beginning of Year course (coming in the next couple of weeks)
  • Launch Session at Together We Lead: in-depth overview with opportunity to ask and answer questions and indicate level of support you anticipate needing at your school
  • All school leaders will receive in-depth training, from our partners at SEL Solutions, during each principal meeting to facilitate SEL professional learning during the Early Release days.
  • Materials, slide decks, facilitation guides and training will be provided to all facilitators for these sessions in advance of Early Release sessions with dedicated learning time for the facilitator (principal) with time built in for leaders to be able to take materials and learning back to team in order to prepare for each release session.