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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Student Feedback- ACTION NEEDED

During our principal meetings last week we had the chance to talk about the progress of SEL work happening in Pasco. Our next step is to gain better understanding of our students thoughts, feelings, responses, etc. related to SEL. Your task is below:

  1. Meet with a group of students from you school and talk to them about SEL and the work happening in Pasco (SEL Infographic.pdf)
  2. Listen to their reactions, thoughts, feedback, etc.
  3. Record notes from the conversation in this form: SEL Student Feedback and Insights  
Reading Endorsement Next Steps - Action Required
  • Review your school information on the spreadsheet provided at principal meeting (Reading Endorsement Information)
  • Enter any errors or needed additions to your schools’ data using this form– also included int he Reading Endorsement Informationt
  • Consider your systems and supports for Tier III interventions in reading to determine the scale at which you will need “reading endorsed” staff to provide the Tier III.
    • If all your teachers share the Tier III work the scale will be much larger than if only concentrated team of people support the Tier III work at your school. 
    • This may also prompt further discussions at SIT and SLT team meetings related to the approach to Tier III- determine what will be best for your students and your school based on your unique circumstances and needs
  • After you reflect on your school’s status and needs- determine if you believe a school based (all staff participate), a cohort based (your teachers join with teachers from other schools near by), or individualized (your teachers engage in the endorsement courses at their own pace and rate with anticipated completion by August 2020. Remember during the initial year of requirement teachers will likely be tagged out of field and will need to fully complete within two years of being tagged “out of field”
  • Once you determine your school’s desired model-please indicate your selection here. This info will be compiled and used for next steps with endorsement and Early Release planning. We need everyone to respond in order to determine best next steps.  
Elementary Grading Pilot Application-PLEASE CONSIDER

We are still seeking schools to pilot revisions to grading during the 19-20 school year. Please talk with your SLT and Kinder and 3rd grade teams and consider applying..

Eureka Math Module Release– Share with teachers

Eureka Math Module Study Release Date:

Grade 3 Module 6: March 12, 2019.


ELA Coaching meeting – Share with Coaches

On Wednesday, March 6th, we will have an ELA Coaching meeting, where our primary focus will be engaging in ELA Learning Walks.  Coaches will dive deep into the IPG and discuss coaching moves and ways to provide teachers with actionable feedback. 

 We will also engage coaches in conversations around reading critically and making cross content connections.  This session is intended for ITC and LDC coaches that support literacy.  For this session, due to learning walks, we want to keep the groups small and focused on the work of coaches.

Nearpod Webinar Series - Content and Curricular Focus - Share with Teachers

Nearpod is providing a series of webinars from January to April designed to address content in our K-12 curriculum. These webinars will highlight content that Nearpod provides in support of relevant curricular topics, engagement strategies, differentiation strategies, and assessment data from Nearpod reports.

Participants can click on the link to register.  All teachers with Nearpod access will be sent an email with the webinar offerings. 

Here is March’s available webinars:

March 2019






Changing the Game with Nearpod: Using Nearpod to Elevate Student Learning



9:00 – 9:45am EST



Reports & Data to Drive Instruction



9:15 – 10:00am EST



Integrating Nearpod into Your Canvas Course



9:00 – 9:45am EST



Odyssey of the Mind State Tournament – FYI

Congratulations to all of the schools that have representatives competing in the Odyssey of the Mind state finals! The creativity, collaboration, and imagination of all participants was inspiring! This field trip has already been approved by the board in July so each principal will be receiving a list from OM coaches of their students that will be attending this event by March 29th for their records. Due to this prior approval, fees can be paid immediately by the schools and there is no need to wait for paperwork to be completed since it is not needed. Please contact Kristin Ingold with any questions.

Together We Lead and Learn- Call for Proposals: FYI

On Monday, March 11th all Pasco staff will receive a “Call for Proposals” for the Together We Lead and Learn events this coming July. We encourage school leaders, teachers and teams to submit proposals to share, showcase, facilitate, etc. sessions that are most beneficial when offered by the practitioners themselves. The number one stakeholder group that all people indicate wanting to learn from are the practitioners in the field which means we need YOU!  Please consider submitting a proposal and encouraging your rock star teachers, teacher teams and school staff to submit. Here is a preview of the flier that will go out on Monday.

Important Dates
March 1-15 Quarterly Check 3 window for elementary and middle schools
March 6 SAT School Day (alt Dates 3/27, 4/9, 4/23) Administration
March 7 Secondary Design Team Meeting
March 9 County History Fair Event
March 11 – April 12
Continuous Improvement Site Visits Completed
March 14 Priority School Meeting
March 15 End of Quarter 3
March 15 Teacher Evaluations-End of Cycle Conference must be completed for Instructional employees and ratings finalized for non-instructional non-reappointments. All others are due April 19th

Instruction at a Glance

Click each grade level below to access content for ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies.


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade


Teacher Newsletters

Training Title Teachers who Attended Information/ Training Received What to Expect in the Classroom Questions to Ask
Classroom Management: Understanding and Managing Behavior on 2/21/19 K-12 classroom teachers

Participants will work collaboratively in exploring key variables that impact student behavior.

Participants will understand and apply basic behavior principles to improve student behavior in class.

Participants will develop and be able to implement a classroom reinforcement system to improve student behavior in class.

A class-wide positive reinforcement system in place.

An effective management system in the classroom to

redirect students as soon as they exhibit challenging behaviors.

What incentives are you utilizing in your positive reinforcement system?

What behaviors are you hoping to increase as a result?

What are your strategies to quickly manage challenging behaviors to de-escalate the situation and avoid power struggles?