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P.E. Allocation Feedback- Action Required

As we move closer to completing the special area allocations, we would like to gather your feedback on how the P.E. I.A. model is working within your school. Please complete this Mach Form by February 22nd so that we can use your feedback to guide our work this Spring. If you have any questions, please contact Samantha Del Valle or Matt Wicks.

2019 Gifted Articulation - Action Required

The articulation process has begun this week and continues through May for gifted students in 2nd and 5thgrades. Attached are updated student and parent input forms in the Articulation Folder on the Gifted SharePoint, as well as the articulation form for teachers to complete. Each region’s gifted resource teacher has communicated the below timeline and next steps to each of their schools and will provide the forms to your teachers in addition to ongoing support with this process.

The timeline is as follows:

  • February: complete articulation forms and collect input forms
  • March 1st: Have all input forms (teacher, student, and parent) correlated into packets/uploaded electronically and ready for collection by the GRT.
  • March 11th– 16th: Input forms will be delivered to receiving schools
  • March 25th – May 9th: Meetings are completed with new Education Plans developed

Thank you for supporting the gifted articulation process within your school. Please contact Kristin Ingold with any questions.

2019 AVID Summer Institute - Action Required


Registration for AVID Summer Institute opened Tuesday, February 12th @ 9am and information was communicated with AVID coordinators about registration. Again this year the institute will be offered at the Tampa Convention Center and will take place June 25th-27th

Eight members of your staff will need to be selected by your AVID Site Team to attend the Summer Institute.  When selecting people to attend, please keep in mind who has not been trained and also the most crucial roles for building capacity in your school.  Your coordinator will be responsible for entering into MyAVID the people who will be attending by April 1stalthough please be aware that spots fill up quickly. If you are unsure of who can commit, please enter TBA to hold the spot at the early bird price. Your coordinator will also need to designate the strand each person will attend and has received this information as well. For TBAs please select your best guess as to which strand this person would attend.  There is more information on this process in MyAVID for the coordinator. Please contact Kristin Ingold with any questions.

January Coaching Conference - SHOUT OUT – Share with Coaches

A BIG THANK YOU to instructional coaches who facilitated sessions at the conference!

Kristina Kassabaum (PMS)

Darlene Wagner (TOES)

Carolyn Erickson (Wendell Krinn)

Jennifer Fernandez (GTES)

Alex Forte (GTES)

Sarah Svendsen (GTES)

Lauren Pantoja (CHMS)

Cory Sommers (CHMS)

Steve Loveless (CRES)

Vanessa Fox (ODES)

Ariel Manning (CCMHS)

Raymond Diaz (FHS)

Candace Suarez (DOES)

Scotty Carroll (CENMS)

Denise Crabtree (JWMHS)

Kathleen Muir (HMS)

Deborah Pickett (RBSMS)

Steven Causey (BPMS)

Jackie Crofford (ESOL)

Nikki Sundsmo (Title I)

Patrice Bradarich (DBES)

Jackie Cannarella (SSES)

Kelsi Karkosh (QHES)

Tracey Gillies (AES)

Erin Senior (HES)

Amy Day (JMMES)

We are PROUD of instructional coaches who serve our schools as integral supports to teachers and students.  

Upcoming Principal Meeting – FYI

Below you will find the link for the agenda for upcoming Principal meeting. Please note the time and location for your sessions over the two days and thank you in advance for all your work to prepare an informative and engaging learning experience for our leaders.

If you have any questions related to the times on the agenda or other requests, please contact Lea Mitchell.

ES Principal Meeting-February 2019.docx 

Instructional materials update- FYI

At this time, the state has suspended the adoption process for mathematics, and changed the timeline for future content areas to allow for the standards review process. Districts can continue to purchase math materials that are currently on the state approved list. 

You may know that we are able to use 50% of our instructional materials allocations for materials that are not on the state approved list, so our recommendation will be to continue to move forward with the procurement of Eureka math for our elementary schools (or they will have nothing), as well as the procurement of Open Up for middle school (already in use in ½ our middle schools).

What does this mean for ELA? This means that we will be delayed in acquiring new ELA materials as we anticipated implementation for 20-21 and will now have to wait a bit longer. However, it offers us substantially more time to be thoughtful in collecting input, feedback and ideas related to ELA materials from teachers, students, families and school leaders in order to ensure that our review and purchasing in the future truly meets the needs of each member of our organization.  It does not mean that we will hang out and wait to address some of the issues we know are causing concerns in our data and in your schools. We will continue to seek feedback through CNA, site visits, Learning Network feedback, etc. about the current resources and supports and we will work tirelessly to provide meaningful resources and supports that encourage and empower the ELA work moving forward. This means an increased focus on foundational skills, an increased focused on thoughtful and intentional writing instruction and an increase in opportunity for you to help us to be sure when the adoption cycle arrives, we are poised for some of the best review and decision making ever. 😉 

As you have or hear questions, get or want to offer suggestions or anything else comes to mind, please do not hesitate to reach out and share. Your voices and thoughts are critical as we navigate the interesting waters ahead. Included is the state’s new adoption timeline which details the years we will review materials moving forward. 

Important Dates
Feb- 15
Last day for student to drop a semester course and enroll into a semester course (5 days after 3rd quarter progress reports)
Week of Feb. 18
Local Assessment Coordinator Training (District Finals)
Feb. 19-22
Priority School Walkthroughs
Feb 19 Elementary AP Meeting (pm); Secondary AP Meeting (am)
Feb 20 Secondary AP Meeting (am)
Feb 20-Mar 1
Elementary Notification and Acceptance Window for School Choice/Magnet
Feb. 22 – March
Quarterly Check 3 Window for High Schools
Feb. 25 – March
FSA Grade 10 ELA Reading & Writing Retake Window, Algebra 1 EOC Retake
Feb 26 Elementary Principal Meeting
Feb 27 Secondary Principal Meeting
Feb. 1 – 28
Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) Window

Instruction at a Glance

Click each grade level below to access content for ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies.


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade


Teacher Newsletters

Below are the teacher newsletters for February 2019.


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Content Area myPGS Section # Date & Time Location Target Audience Focus/Learning Goal
Science- Grade 4-5 #13449



CCMHS Grade 4-5 Teachers Science Academy night on Upcoming Unit and Instructional Strategies 
Classroom Management: Understanding and Managing Behavior #13572 



District Office Building 2 Cypress Room All Elementary Teachers Participants will work collaboratively in exploring key intrapersonal, interpersonal and environmental variables that impact student behavior and will identify specific strategies and systems for use in their classroom to manage student behavior.  Participants will understand and apply basic behavior principals to improve student behavior in class, and develop and implement a classroom reinforcement system to improve student behavior in class.
Human Growth and Development Training #13860



District Office Building 3 Training Room C

4th & 5th grade

Science Teachers.

The training is designed for first time teachers of Human Growth and Development. This training will be offered on two separate occasions. Teachers will only need to attend one session. Each session will cover the same material.
Human Growth and Development Training #13860



District Office Building 3 Training Room C

4th & 5th grade

Science Teachers.

The training is designed for first time teachers of Human Growth and Development. This training will be offered on two separate occasions. Teachers will only need to attend one session. Each session will cover the same material.